Our Story

The History of TeaZa® 

TeaZa was developed by a medical doctor to replace some of the unhealthy habits he developed in his quest for energy and focus. One day while driving and chewing on sunflower seeds, he realized that oral stimulation can naturally deliver focus and alertness. It became obvious why people chew gum, tobacco or snacks when they get tired in an attempt to stay alert.

He worked for over a year on developing a nutritional supplement that used oral stimulation along with healthy herbs and vitamins to provide healthy, long-lasting focus and energy without the extra calories or crash. Having tried smokeless tobacco in the past, he added the right tea-cut herbs, vitamins and peppers to closely replicate the benefits people received when dipping tobacco so people could have a healthy dip alternative. His friends sampled the TeaZa pouches while driving, fishing, snowboarding, golfing, and at work. After testing the product, his friends gave raving reviews, and TeaZa was born.

TeaZa is an amazing energy product, and soon after launching the product, oral tobacco users started reporting how helpful TeaZa was in stopping chewing tobacco. Over the last few years, TeaZa has continued to grow in popularity among those that still dip tobacco, those that used to dip tobacco, and those that have tried tobacco in the past. TeaZa users are continuously happy that there is a healthy alternative to give them energy and focus throughout the day!

What is TeaZa®

TeaZa is a multi-purpose nutritional energy supplement that uses powerful tea cut herbs and vitamins packed into a biodegradable pouch to be “dipped” (placed between lip and gum) or seeped in water for a flavorful stimulating experience.  TeaZa delivers smooth energy and mental focus with no crash, while also providing oral stimulation to curb cravings for snacks or tobacco products.  

Brent Agin, MD created TeaZa using specific vitamins, herbs, and peppers to provide the same mood boost and oral stimulation that users experience with smokeless tobacco without the dangerous side effects and addictive properties of nicotine. TeaZa’s oral penetrating power and long-lasting flavor have made it the best tobacco alternative for those trying to quit or reduce their use of smokeless tobacco products.  

TeaZa® Chill Series

The power of oral stimulation can still provide benefits even without caffeine.  For those times when you want relaxed focus, or for those individuals who may be sensitive to caffeine, we created the TeaZa Chill series.  We removed the stimulatory herbs and replaced them with calming herbs that do not cause you to be drowsy or sleep, but rather relaxed and comfortable.  Try it for a total chillaxing experience!


Make Your Mouth Happy®

TeaZa is not your average nutritional supplement. That’s because it has multiple uses. It can replace energy drinks, breath mints, gum, water flavor enhancers, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snacks and more!


TeaZa is redefining what it means to DIP!

What is dipping?

Dipping:(v) To place a substance between the gums and upper or lower lip for oral stimulation and absorption of a particular substance.

TeaZa contains specific herbs, vitamins, and peppers packed into a tea pouch, which, when dipped, provides long-lasting flavor and smooth focus.

Dipping has often been associated with smokeless tobacco, but dipping can actually be performed using any substance. When a substance is placed between the lip and gum it can immediately initiate alertness and focus through oral stimulation. This is the reason many people snack, chew on sunflower seeds, chew gum, smoke cigarettes or chew smokeless tobacco.


TeaZa Overview

  • Nutritional supplement packed in biodegradable tea pouch
  • Zero calories
  • Caffeinated and non-caffeinated options
  • Can be dipped or sipped
  • No nicotine or tobacco
  • No spitting necessary

Benefits of using TeaZa®Energy

  • Best tobacco alternative
  • Increases energy or promotes relaxation
  • Heightens mental focus
  • Provides oral stimulation
  • Curbs cravings
  • Great taste—long-lasting flavor

Dip It
Make your mouth happy® by placing TeaZa between your lip and gum for hours of flavor.

How much caffeine is in each pouch?
TeaZa Energy contains below the FDA recommended amount of caffeine, known as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS), which is less than 70mg. Regular TeaZa® has approximately 50mg, the two “xxx” versions have approximately 125mg of caffeine, while the TeaZa chill has no caffeine.


TeaZa Ingredients

Each powerful TeaZa pouch is sugar-free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, contains no calories, and is packed with the herbs and vitamins listed below. To explore the benefits of each herb and vitamin, and for a complete list of ingredients specific to flavor, check out The Science Behind TeaZa.